The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Stress Management

As all organizations aim to remove the negative effects of stress from workplace, Stress Management is a significant aspect of Corporate Training. Corporate life is full of pressure and quite stressful. Executives are required to take care of a number of tasks related to workforce. This usually takes a lot of time and energy.
Our training programs are designed in such a way that a balance between one’s physical and mental state is maintained by the help of stress management. We enable the participants to make better judgments by using our tested time management techniques and time management tips.

Who all can attend this?


Middle and Senior level Managers

Human Resource Analysts



Improves physical and physiological health.

Enables you to feel more energetic.

Improves relationships and bonds.

Reduces stress levels that can be harmful.

Improves coping skills.

Develops the ability to see things from different perspectives.

Encourages the existence of a positive attitude.

Training Hours: The duration of the training program, as anticipated, is 8 hours.

Training Methodology:

PowerPoint Presentation

Games and Group Activities

Case Studies

Role Plays