The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Through our Leadership Coaching the participants experience shifts in their performance. As the effect becomes clearer, participants feel a sense of commitment and belonging towards their work. A person who is confident about himself and possesses a clear sense of direction will definitely make a good leader. He leads the way and awestricken by his presence the procession is bound to follow behind. It is necessary and most crucial for any team that the leader understands the goal and the direction to go. Then only will the team members feel bonded to the leader, the work and finally to the goal. Building a connection is a vital part of the proposed Executive Leadership Training program. Self-awareness is the key to unwind other people’s minds.

Who all can attend this?


Middle-level and Senior-level Managers

Human Resource Analysts



Explanation of the Basic Principles of Leadership to create an appropriate culture and procedure; it will help in meeting the work deadlines      efficiently.

The learned skills should be practiced during exercises and later in real-life situations. Suitable goals need to be set and communicated      to all interested parties. Employees need to identify necessary resources such that it triggers the overall performance.

You should motivate the employees to deliver best and make others follow the same trick.


The duration of the training program will be 16 hours.

Training Method

 PowerPoint Presentation

 Role Plays

Games and Group Activities

Case Studies