The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Fast Track Embedded System (AESD) Course

This is a three months crash course in Embedded System design specifically targeted for working professionals and fresh engineer graduates who would like to upgrade their skill and make a career in Embedded System in a short span.

Embedded Fast Track Course Syllabus


Middle-level and Senior-level Managers

Human Resource Analysts



Explanation of the Basic Principles of Leadership to create an appropriate culture and procedure; it will help in meeting the work deadlines      efficiently.

The learned skills should be practiced during exercises and later in real-life situations. Suitable goals need to be set and communicated      to all interested parties. Employees need to identify necessary resources such that it triggers the overall performance.

You should motivate the employees to deliver best and make others follow the same trick.


The duration of the training program will be 3 Months

Training Method

 PowerPoint Presentation

 Role Plays

Games and Group Activities y

Case Studies


C Programming with Data Structures

The advanced elements of the C Language, Which are so important when developing for embedded systems such as function pointers, typesets and structures.

Pointers & Function Pointers

Structures, Unions and Bit Fields

Data Structures Including Linked List Binary Trees, Stacks, Queues etc

Data Structures Including Linked List

C and Processor Architecture Specific Issues

Embedded C

C and Assembly Interfacing

Memory Mapping and Data Mapping in ARM

Embedded C for ARM Architecture/8051

ARM Optimization Techniques

32 Bit ARM Architecture and Programming

This section mostly deal with the architecture and programming of ARM. Following are some of the details pertaining to this section.

ARM Processor Hardware Architecture

ARM Programming Model, Instruction Set Architecture

Exception Handling in ARM, External Interrupt, Software interrupt, Software Interrupt

ARM Procedure Call Standards (APCS)

Thumb Instruction Set Architecture and Programming Model

ARM Thumb Inter-Working

Protocols-CAN & I2C

Linux Operating System Fundamentals & Programming

This module is designed to develop a strong conceptual background in operating systems. It provides an overview of the main tasks faced by operating systems developers and teaches the primary methods used to solve common problem with more emmphasis on Linux.

Operating System and Hardware Architecture

Process and Process Control


POSIX Threads and Multithread Architecture in an OS

Memory Management

File System

Inter Process Communication (Pipes,Shared Memory etc.)

Synchronization Primitives (Semaphores Mutex's etc.)

Deadlocks and Avoidance Techniques

Schedulers and Various Scheduling Aigorithms

Socket Programming

RTOS Fundamentals and Programming (ucos-II)

Real Time System Fundamentals

Real Time Operating System Introduction

Task, Thread, Process

Real Time Kernal Architecture

Real Time Scheduler Algorithm, Analysis Deadlocks

Kernal Data Structure