The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Oasis Technologies are as per below.

Where exactly is Oasis Technologies located on the Indian map?

Oasis Technologies is located in the heart of the Pune city which is in Maharashtra. Please click on this link to know more about Pune.

Is Oasis Technologies the best embedded systems institute?

We would rather like to claim we are better than the best ones in the market. Oasis Technologies has trained more than 1500 embedded professionals since 2004. Needless to say, we have systems and processes in place and a reputation, something that ratifies where we stand in the embedded training market

Why should I join Oasis Technologies Embedded Systems Training?

We are very confident about our embedded systems course execution and we give enough reasons for an individual to be a part of Oasis embedded training. Some of those reasons are as per the following

Our embedded training faculties are on board and are people from the industry(Intel/IBM/HP/Novellus) having an average industry experience of more than 30yrs

We provide Embedded systems training Hardware boards for each individual for home/institute usage for their personal usage at home

Even the industry is so confident about our quality services that more than 25+ companies including Patni,Persistent Systems,PMC-Sierra,DG2L comes to us for campus recruitments

Our embedded course infrastructure boasts of PC’s + Lab capacity for 30 students, Classroom’s for 30 students with an LCD projector, 500+ collection of books in the library related to embedded systems and what more, we even have 24 hrs power backup

We maintain relationship with our Alumni’s which is unlike any other institute to guide them in their future career even after their placement

We provide embedded e-learning solutions to the students who participate in the Oasis embedded systems course

What about your faculties?

Our embedded system training faculties are people from the industry having an experience ranging from 8-35 yrs. They in the past have worked with industry stalwarts like IBM, Intel and HP and has tremendous exposure to the global IT industry

Are your faculties’ employees of the company?

Most of our faculties are employees of the company

Can you afford to hire people with so much experience as faculties?

Most of our faculties are the founder members of the company. Hence we could afford them

What about your infrastructure?

We have an infrastructure capable of supporting 30 students per batch at this time. Following is the list of the same

Software lab which has PC for each individual with Linux OS

Classroom with LCD Projector

Library with relevant books to be used by each individual

Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Digital Meters

Video Training Sessions

Hardware boards for each individual with JTAG based debugger solution

S24 Hrs. Power backup

What about Alumni?

Oasis has a policy to be in touch with their ex students. Sometimes this extends to a mere relationship and sometime it also extends to any future business opportunities. We believe that our relationship doesn’t end with the candidate immediately after the completion of the course. We extend our guidance to the candidates even after they are placed in the industry

Please summarize all the above and tell me exactly how Oasis Technologies differs from other embedded training institutes

Oasis is run by professionals from the industry as oppose to other places which is run by people who are from pure educational or business backgrounds

Our faculties are people from the industry having an experience ranging from 8-35 yrs as oppose to other places wherein people with less than 2 yrs of non industry experience act as faculties

Our quantity of hardware boards suffice the need for each individual to do hands -on practicals on each board as oppose to other places wherein each board is shared by up to 20 people

LWe have designed our hardware boards in house and hence the students can approach our board designers if they have any difficulties with the board, which is very much unlike other places where they have to purchase these expensive boards and also the hardware engineers are not accessible to students

At Oasis we give up to 4-5 hrs per day for an individual to use the resources wherein at most of the other places, students hardly get 2 hrs for practical sessions

We have Video training sessions for students which no one else has

We are always in touch with our ex students as oppose to other places