The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Embedded Linux BSP development

This course on embedded Linux covers fundamentals Linux kernel BSP creation, and Linux device driver architecture. Hands on sessions along with theory are the key in achieving the objective of making developers confidant about the issues involved in Embedded Linux. The total duration of the course is 1 weeks. (5 working Topics)

A ) Prerequisite

Knowledge of C language programming

Fundamental knowledge of OS and development using Linux kernel

Knowledge of embedded systems development using 32 bit SOC architectures like ARM9.

B ) Course contents

Introduction to embedded Systems and BSP development

Linux Files system Device Driver Architecture

Embedded Linux Device Driver and system calls implementation

Interrupt handling and blocking IO?

I2C/SPI driver development