The training was quite useful for the participants. ARM Hardware and underlying concepts were thoroughly explained. The course was appreciated by all participants, however the last part, poring of OS on the Board, which most of the participants were keenly interested in, was covered in hurry, due to time limitation. Overall it was good experience and learning for the participants.

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Embedded C

A ) Introduction to Processor Architectures
B ) 32 bit RISC architecture programming model
C ) Introduction to Embedded C.
D ) Embedded device programming in C.
       Assignments and exercises.
E ) Exception handling in C

C language optimization techniques

1. Identifying performance issues.
2. Identifying the bottleneck in the software/firmware
3. Writing efficient C for embedded systems
4. Assignments and Exercises (5, 6)

Assignments and Exercises

Development environment, Debuggers, Make files, Linker script files, Map files, Binutils

1. Assembly language instructions execution

2. Embedded C programming

 Calling the assembly functions from C and vice versa.

 Memory mapped I/O, GPIO, LED, ADC Programming

3. Vector Interrupt controller.


 Exception handling: Timer interrupt

4. Optimization techniques

 Using Switch cases, Loop unrolling, choosing among the different loops.

 Dealing with data alignments issue, Cache considerations (Using cache for optimal use, and avoiding it in Memory mapped).

 Pipeline considerations (avoiding stalls by rearranging the code).

5. Consideration for executing from ROM/RAM.